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Welcome to the Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association.
   We are a membership oriented conservation and shooting sports organization dedicated to providing a place for the individual shooting enthusiast to participate in the Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Archery disciplines. Founded shortly after the Second World War, our club has been at the forefront of efforts to promote all of the shooting sports, offering some of the best facilities in the local area.
   We have available to our members and guests the following service:
- 200 yd. rifle range            - 3 x Skeet Ranges                - 3-Gun events
- 100 yd. rifle range            - Archery Practice Ranges      - Well Armed Women
- 2 x 50 yd. rifle range        - 3-D Archery fields                - IDPA Events
- 3 x 25yrd rifle range         - 2 ponds                             - Youth Programs

 And Much Moreā€¦.

   As an educational organization, many have attended our hunters education as well as various firearms safety and concealed carry classes making us safe in the field and in our home. We are a family friendly organization, with educational programs appropriate for all.
  Please feel free to explore the web page and see some of what we have to offer, and contact information for any of the areas and disciplines listed
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